Thursday, July 14, 2011

Unthinkable by Shirley Duke: Review
Posted by Tiffany at 8:51 PM

Title: Unthinkable
Author: Shirley Duke
Published: August, 2010 by Darby Creek Pub
Pages: 106
Rating: 2/5
Source: NetGalley
Synopsis: Omar Phillips is Bridgewater High's favorite local teen author. His Facebook fans can't wait for his next horror story. But lately Omar's imagination has turned against him. Horrifying visions of death and destruction come over him with wide-screen intensity. The only way to stop the visions is to write them down. Until they start coming true... Enter Sophie Minax, the mysterious Goth girl who's been following Omar at school. "I'm one of you," Sophie says. She tells Omar how to end the visions, but the only thing worse than Sophie's cure may be what happens if he ignores it. (Goodreads)

Review: Unthinkable was a very short book. Everything moved very quickly. This is often a good thing, but in this case the result was a story that felt half-sketched. The characters had a lot of potential. A teen horror writer whose stories come true? Awesome idea for a book. However, I felt like this was more of an outline for a book. It would have made a great short story with some more character development added in. The overall result? A vague and forgettable story that left me feeling a bit confused. I hate to give a bad review, but this one just missed the mark for me. Maybe it would have been better received by a younger reader, especially a boy who is looking for more action and less character development. I would definitely give the author another chance, the idea was original and the characters had a lot of potential, but this one didn't do it for me.