Review Policy
Almost all of the books that we review on Books For Bears are books that we have bought or borrowed from the library. When we review a book that comes from a publisher/author/anyone giving it to us for free we will mention it in the review ("Source: NetGalley"). All books accepted for review are done so with the understanding that we will be reviewing them impartially- meaning that we will not review them any differently than if we had bought the book.

We accept books for review in the YA, Fantasy, and Science Fiction genres. Books in other genres that cross over into these will be considered, but we do not review Erotica or Non-Fiction books. If you have a book that you'd like for one or both of us to read/review, you can contact us at booksforbears(at)gmail(dot)com.

How We Write Our Reviews
-We review each book honestly, regardless of the source of the book.
-If a book is given to us to review, we will place it at the top of our TBR pile and review it as soon as possible (or whenever you'd like the review posted.)
-Our reviews will always be posted on this blog. At some point in the future we may start posting on other sites as well (Amazon, Goodreads, etc.)
-Self-published books will be accepted at our discretion, as long as they're in one of the genres listed.
-Any book we receive will not be sold or passed on in any way without prior permission from the giver.
-eBooks will be accepted at our discretion. (They're harder to read, take notes in, and therefore review.)
-If, for some reason, we can not finish or review the book as promised, we will send you an email explaining why.
-If a book has been given to us for review, we will always mention where and why we got it in our review.

Thanks for your interest in Books For Bears!