Thursday, February 10, 2011

Giveaway Teaser
Posted by Tiffany at 9:56 PM
We're participating in the Books with Love Hop, which starts on Valentine's Day. We will be giving away three books, each dealing with love. The first will be a Classic, the second a Pre-Order, and the third a Current Favorite. We won't be telling you which books just yet because we like to torture you (or maybe because we haven't been able to agree yet). The giveaway will be open internationally (as long as Book Depository delivers to you). What would you like to see us give away? Any particular love story that you're dying to read? Let us know and we'll consider it! In the meantime, here are the other blogs participating in this hop. (P.S., we're testing the script here so sorry if it's messed up and we have to re-post.)