Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dueling Reviews: New Feature!
Posted by Tiffany at 9:17 AM

What are dueling reviews, you ask? Why, they are the only recourse left to a pair of honorable ladies after they have failed to reach an agreement about a story. There have been quite a few glove-slaps to the face, declarations of "How dare you, sir!" and steely-eyed stare-offs lately. What caused us to turn from best friends to bitter enemies? Well, it's mostly because Michaela failed to appreciate the awesome that was Garth Nix's story in Zombies vs Unicorns (and maybe partly because I can't seem to stop talking trash during card games). Therefore we have agreed to meet with pistols at dawn/reviews on the blog every time we read a short story. From now on, we'll read anthologies together and post a double review for each story. Warning: there may be blood, maiming, and fainting of gentile bystanders. 

Our first Duelling Review will be over Geektastic: Stories From the Nerd Herd, to be posted in the next few days. If we both manage to survive the encounter, we will then move on to Gothic!Ten Original Dark Tales (Neil Gaiman! Swoon)