Thursday, January 6, 2011

Duel the First! "Once You're a Jedi, You're a Jedi All the Way" by Holly Black and Cecil Castellucci
Posted by Michaela at 1:55 PM

"Once You're a Jedi, You're a Jedi All the Way"
By Holly Black/ Cecil Castellucci
Story #1, page 1-16
(Romeo + Juliet, ComicCon Style)

Michaela: 4.5 / 5
While I know some people who are extremely fixated on the Star Wars universe (all of my friends like either that, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Firefly, or all of the above, including myself), I have never heard of people going all out like this. I find it hilarious in a charming sort of way. The "geeky Romeo and Juliet" aspect of the story was really cute, and I thought it was written with just enough information about the "geek" way of life without overpowering readers that might not know too much about these things. I would have to say it was four and a half out of five campers saved, and it was definitely a good start for an anthology.
Tiffany: 5 / 5
I loved the characters in this story. Arizhel managed to make growling and stomping around adorable and Thomas was my favorite kind of geek: lover of all things nerdy without being a superior A-Hole. The dialog was witty and light. There were several laugh-out-loud parts. I feel that the whole story could have been nothing but dialogue and I wouldn't have minded. I'm glad that she didn't take the Romeo + Juliet aspect too far. They were attracted to each other, but there was no desperate longing to be together, just the awkwardness of liking someone that your friends were going to give you crap for. I wish that I knew a bit more about the Geek-verse. I've seen Star Wars and Star Trek and I got a lot of the references to other shows (LOVED Firefly and SG1), but I still felt a bit out of the loop. (Why do Star Trek and Star Wars fans hate each other?)

Books For Bears Rating: 4.75